Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mudd's Women

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise pursues an unidentified Class-J cargo ship into an asteroid belt. After the cargo ship's engines overload, the Enterprise beams aboard its captain, calling himself Leo Francis Walsh, and three beautiful women; the Enterprise burns out all but one lithium crystal in the rescue attempt. The Enterprise heads for a lithium mining operation on Rigel Twelve less than two days away.

Captain Kirk learns that the real Captain Walsh is dead, and his identity was assumed by Harcourt Fenton 'Harry' Mudd, who was operating the cargo ship illegally to transport wives for settlers on Ophiuchus Three. With his long criminal record, Mudd is confined to quarters, but he secretly contacts the lithium miners and talks them into trading lithium crystals for Mudd's women as wives.

With the Enterprise's last lithium crystal burned out, Kirk is forced to agree to Mudd's arrangement; the three women get to stay with the miners, and the Enterprise gets its needed crystals, but Kirk takes Mudd into custody to turn him over to authorities.

The Enemy Within

Synopsis: The Enterprise is on a specimen-gathering mission on planet Alpha 177 when Geological Technician Fisher falls into some magnetic ore and beams up to the ship with the ore on his uniform. Kirk beams up moments later, but the transporter malfunctions and creates a duplicate of Kirk with a more hostile personality.

Science Officer Spock and Chief Engineer Scott must find a way to repair the transporter and integrate the two duplicate Kirks before they can beam up the rest of the landing party from Alpha 177, which gets down to 120 degrees below zero at night.

The Naked Time

Synopsis: The Enterprise is in orbit of Psi 2000 -- an ancient world that is now frozen and disentegrating -- to pick up a scientific party and observe the disintegration of the planet. But the landing party finds the science team dead, including one fully clothed man in a shower, and the station's life support systems deactivated.

When the landing party returns to the Enterprise, crew members begin behaving as if intoxicated. Lt. Riley locks himself in Engineering and shuts down power to the engines.

Dr. McCoy isolates the pathogen to a complex chain of water molecules and develops an antidote. Spock and Scott are able to use a new intermix formula to cold-start the engines and escape from orbit before the planet's gravity field collapses. This gravity slingshot effect knocks the Enterprise into a time warp, sending it 71 hours into the past. Spock suggests that since the formula worked, they could use the time warp effect to travel to any point in the past someday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Synopsis: While approaching the edge of the Galaxy, The U.S.S. Enterprise detects a recorded distress signal from the S.S. Valiant, an Earth vessel missing for two centuries. The Enterprise finds a damaged ship recorder from the Valiant, with the last messages indicating something about extrasensory perception in humans, and the captain ordering the ship's destruction.

When the Enterprise reaches the edge of the Galaxy, it encounters an energy barrier that damages the ship's warp engines, and Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell begins to display increasing mental powers.

With no warp power, the Enterprise travels to a nearby lithium cracking station on Delta Vega, where Kirk intends to strand Mitchell before his mental abilities begin to endanger the crew. The ship's new psychiatrist, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, whose own mental abilities were enhanced by the energy barrier, helps to neutralize Mitchell's powers, and Kirk is forced to kill him before Mitchell becomes unstoppable.

Charlie X

Synopsis: The Enterprise meets the Cargo Vessel Antares to pick up Charles Evans, a human boy found alone on the planet Thasus, where he has lived since age 3 as the only survivor of a transport crash 14 years ago. His closest relatives are on Colony Alpha Five, and the Enterprise is heading that way. The Antares is destroyed shortly after it departs, and other mysterious phenomena start occurring throughout the Enterprise after Charles Evans comes aboard.

The Enterprise crew learns that Charles Evans has acquired the Thasians' reputed powers of transmutation -- the ability to control matter with his mind -- and he takes control of the ship's operations, locking it on course for Colony Alpha Five, until one of the non-corporeal Thasians comes to take the boy back to Thasus, where he cannot do any more damage with the powers the Thasians gave him to survive.

The Man Trap

Episode Title: "THE MAN TRAP"
Production Number: 06
Original Air Date: 09-08-66
Stardates: 1513.1, 1513.4, 1513.8

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise makes a routine stop at a remote archaeological outpost, on Planet M-One Hundred Thirteen, to check on the health of Professor Bob Crater and his wife, Nancy, who are studying the ruins of an ancient and long-dead civilization. The Craters request a supply of salt tablets, and Captain Kirk becomes suspicious after several Enterprise crewmen are killed and their bodies are found drained of salt.

The Enterprise crew discovers that Professor Crater's wife was killed a year ago by the last of the planet's native creatures, who can read people's minds and assume the image of another person. The creature has been impersonating Nancy Crater, and needs salt to survive. Dr. McCoy is forced to kill the creature before it kills Captain Kirk to drain salt from his body.